Malia is one of the most well developed touristic settlements of Crete. It offers all the necessary infrastructures (shops, restaurants etc) and a great variety of nightlife options. Apart from the contemporary, touristic part of Malia we recommend you to explore the old village with the picturesque narrow streets, the stone buildings made by the traditional, Cretan architectural style and the old churches.

Apart from the settlement, you can also visit the Malia archaeological site, where the third biggest and most significant Minoan palace (following Knossos and Faistos) has been excavated; according to the legend there reigned Sarpidonas, brother of Minoas and son of Europa and Zeus. You can combine the sightseeing with a swim at the beautiful, sand beach of Potamos, located right next to the site. Last but not least, it is worth exploring the picturesque villages, located southeast of Malia, such as Mohos, Krasi, Avdos and the neighboring and equally touristic Hersonisos .